Homebrew Bulldog Biscuits

It is my birthday today!!! KP, Izz, and I are enjoying a relaxing getaway to the obscurity of Northern Iowa, staying at Hotel Pattee, the 20 million dollar remodel project of the conservative Christian billionaires of Home Savings Bank fortune. It is a palace in the corn fields of Perry, Iowa that would seem an incongruous extravagance for such a country town were it not plastered, literally, with Bible verses (and not the warm fuzzy ones! The one outside our door reads: “If thou have done well, thank God, if other ways, repent ye.” Actually—I googled that, and I can’t find it anywhere in the Bible—any help, Father Tom or Father Nick? That’s even more awesome if the billionaires are making up their own Bible verses…seems like that is something you’d want to double check) Anyway, it is a stunning Bible-belt bastion and Izzy is loving her vacation as much as we are!


Just before we left, I made these dog treats from the grains we used last week to brew beer to take on the road. Izzy loves them!

Homebrew Bulldog Biscuits

Recipe from Brewmaster Peter

4 cups all-purpose flour

4 cups moist but drained spent brewing grains

1 cup peanut butter

1 egg


Mix all the ingredients by hand and roll out on a flat surface. Cut shapes or just score a flat of dough into squares.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Allow to cool and break biscuits apart.

Dry in the oven at 225 for eight hours. If you don’t completely dessicate the biscuits, they can get moldy. The dry ones can be stored for a long time, and trust me, this makes a ton of biscuits!

8+ cups of grain = 10 gallons of homebrew = 75 dog treats.  Good deal!


Thank you for all of the birthday love! Can’t wait to open presents and have cake!!! (KP won’t let me until tonight and I know there are some at home waiting too!)

7 thoughts on “Homebrew Bulldog Biscuits

  1. Happy Birthday, Rachel! I have many memories of visiting my great-grandma in NW Iowa, the land of corn, pigs and millions of churches. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your posts and hope we can catch up sometime soon!

    1. Bri–It is so great to hear from you! Thanks for the birthday greeting! Your family is beautiful, thanks for the Christmas card and YES, I hope we can catch up soon. We’ll be driving to New Orleans in a few weeks….

  2. Feliz cumple dear Rachel! Oh my gosh, what a kick that hotel sounds like. You and KP never fail to find the finest things, and places in life 🙂 I am forwarding this recipe to my beer-brewing, pet loving aunt and uncle in Minnetonka, another great Midwest destination you’ve experienced 🙂 XOXO

    1. Thank you Susan! Would love to meet those relatives of yours in Minnetonka, they sound like our kind of people! Safe travels back from India!

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