Cinnamon French Toast with Wheat Germ

So happy to be back in my kitchen and back in the bread books! Found out a little late that we are in the midst of Random Acts of Kindness Week. Improvising, I went for a culinary act of kindness. Making French Toast for me and KP as post-road trip recovery protocol, I threw in a bunch of wheat germ. KP thought it tasted like orange flavoring. Best of both worlds: Texas Toast fluff + wheat germ nutrients!


Cinnamon French Toast with Wheat Germ

By, Me

2 eggs

¾ cup milk

1 tablespoon cinnamon

Wheat germ

4-5 Texas Toast slices

Mix up the eggs, milk, cinnamon and wheat germ (just dust the top of the egg/milk mix with the cinnamon and wheat germ, do not stir). Dip in the Texas Toast bread on both sides until well coated and throw on the griddle. Easy.

Like I said, I’m going to consider adding wheat germ to everything. Izzy wasn’t a fan, but she has been grumpy since the 19 hour car ride home from New Orleans. She’ll bounce back. My random act of kindness toward her today will be a bath.


Two thoughts:

1)      Who knew that McDonald’s had dipped cones?

2)      Who thinks this dipped cone looks hateful?


I laughed until I cried about the right-angle ice cream cone we got from the McDonalds drive thru yesterday. Seriously, we avoid fastfood and then our one weak moment is rewarded with this? Also, Fish McBites? Is that the best the marketing team could come up with? I’ll tell you what McBites.

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