Getting Fat in Savannah

I am not finding much whole-wheat here in Savannah, Georgia. This seems to be an anti-bread city, save for the dilute, to-go cup varietal. My stomach and its tubes (and likely too my heart and its tubes) are slickening with the southern cuisine available to me.

Last night I ate this tasty slab at The Boar’s Head on the Riverfront. Notice, no whole-wheat, no vegetables.Image

Then, today, on the recommendation of my professor, I lunched at The Olde Pink House. I was told I had to order she crab soup, but I thought I’d get a salad for good measure. Yes, those are fried green tomatoes and whole strips of bacon suffocating my salad leaves.Image

The atmosphere of the Olde Pink House, built in 1771, was divine on a rainy, cold afternoon. I sat by the fire and gazed out on Reynold’s square through a screen of magnolias.Image

Tonight, after the Women’s Reception at CEA, I plan to haunt Abe’s on Lincoln.


Fat and Happy in Savannah

6 thoughts on “Getting Fat in Savannah

  1. Look at you! I love that image of you in The Pink House, and picturing you there with a leisurely lunch. Speaking of restaurants, I was missing you when I drove past our favorite Latin American joint in Northeast Minneapolis earlier today. Also, I imagine your strong marathon-running arteries will be just fine with several days of super-rich Southern cuisine 🙂 I am thrilled for you, getting to attend this marvelous sounding conference! What is your presentation about? Enjoy Abe’s tonight 🙂

    1. among other things, the clinical utility and neurology of metaphor… we’ll see how it flies with a bunch of literature scholars

      1. My goodness, that sounds incredibly interesting! I hope they loved it, and am sure they loved you regardless 🙂 If you feel like sending me the text version and/or giving me the speech in person, I’d love to read/hear more. Also, I love the “little round beignet”, what a marvelous term of endearment 🙂

  2. “Fat & Happy in Savanah”, I love it!! Look forward to your return to Rochester, so we can be Fat & Happy together. Miss you love.

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