Beach Time at Pacific City, Oregon

My parents gave me the best gift for Christmas/anniversary–two days with KP and Izzy at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, Oregon. We got a complimentary flight of Pelican Brewery’s finest with our stay. The brewery is right on the beach!ImageImageImage

And then we got down to enjoy the beach. What a beautiful day to introduce a Nebraskan bulldog to the splendor of the sea. We had an entire day of sunshine. ImageImageImageImage

And then a proper shower. The doggie wash water was steaming hot and Izzy did not want to get out.Image

This Inn is spectacularly pet-friendly. They gave Izzy her own blanket, beach towel, and baggie of treats when we arrived. Every room has an oceanfront view, and almost every room seems to be hosting a dog. Our next door neighbor has a rather stately Scottie with a plaid neckerchief.

Thank you Mom and Dad for such a wonderful getaway!

10 thoughts on “Beach Time at Pacific City, Oregon

  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Anniversary you two, and Izzy! What an absolutely beautiful family 🙂 Izz just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Enjoy your seaside adventures! I had the pleasure of dining and drinking at the Pelican several years ago with my parents, as we road tripped back to Minnesota following one of my years at SPU. I even had a coaster from there for years – I hope KP got to pick a few up for his collection 😉

    1. I don’t think KP did get a coaster! He did get a surfboard bottle opener and two snazzy pint glasses… And Izzy now has a new friend– my parents’ schnauzer Romeo. First dog Izzy hasn’t tried to kill! There is peace in the Ellis household!

      1. Gotta go back for some coasters! 😉 What treasures KP found! They will be such wonderful touches of your homeland back in your Rochester abode. Aww, I love the idea of Izzy and Romeo (you and your family have a knack for coming up with excellent names for your dogs! 🙂 ) being pals – you should post a photo of them hanging out 🙂

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