South Downs Way Day One

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What an incredible journey with very few opportunities to access internet. I shall start from the beginning where we departed Eastbourne. photo 2-5photo 3-5photo 4-2photo 5-1 After that last happy shot of KP by a cottage garden in Litlington, we got several hours lost until we remembered we bought a compass in London, which saved the day (night, really, by the time we stopped yelling at each other and sniffling through Friston Forest). We found The George Inn in Alfriston and had a happy first night after 13 miles of hiking. photo 2-6photo 1-9

4 thoughts on “South Downs Way Day One

  1. Teamwork..guys….awesome! Enjoy….and congrats on being good partners, working out the hard parts is the way….We love you…saw Grampa Stan and Gma Barb today with new beautiful dog, Macy! Cheers.

  2. Beautiful people and places!!! Nothing like getting lost in the woods to bring out the capacity for a little crabbiness – I cannot envision you two in that mood, so I’m going to take you at your word that you do not exude joy 100% of the time, but rather a mere 99.9 % 😉

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