South Downs Way Grand Finale

What a thrilling journey, over 100 miles over the hills of Sussex and Hampshire! Only about an hour of rain over the whole walk…good thing we packed ponchos. Image Image Image Image Image Image The Winchester Cathedral was a stunning finish. This morning we attended the church service and were blown away by the sound of the choir in the world’s longest Gothic nave. It is the church where Jane Austen was buried and where Henry XIII married Catherine of Aragon. We toasted to no broken ankles, to all the lovely cask ales we sampled in local country pubs, and to a much anticipated return to the US  where Izzy and our families are waiting with fireworks for Independence Day! Image

2 thoughts on “South Downs Way Grand Finale

  1. What a glorious finish line to your journey, congratulations!!! Safe travels back to the homeland, and have a very happy Independence Day with your human and canine family!

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