Country View Estates in Hudson, Wisconsin

A hot weekend for a return to simplicity, but tranquility trumps humidity. KP and I went to relax at the Country View Estates B&B in Hudson, Wisconsin for our anniversary yesterday. We would Definitely go back. Our room had a fire place, a two-person jacuzzi (with built-in neck pillows!), no TV, no internet access, and a snack fridge.

During the day, we went hiking at Willow Falls State Park, which could have been a veterinary nightmare with Izzy had not there been a cool stream and an ice-cold waterfall as setting for Izzy’s first swim lessons/heat stroke prevention class. The falls were gorgeous although well-stocked with nudist teenagers trying very hard to earn paralysis and neck braces with their youth-emboldened stunts off the wet rocks. Image Image Image Image Got a great video of Izzy pretending to swim with KP holding her up in her harness. At the end of the 90 degree day, after drinking three waterbottles full of clean water and God knows how much pond scum, she collapsed into a fit of dreams (and, thankfully, no Giardia fits of diarrhea). Image KP and I, on the other hand, got dinner at Bayport BBQ (amazing pulled pork and awesome signage– see Diet Coke) ImageImage

And had dessert at my favorite ice cream parlor in North America, Selma’s in Afton, MN, right on the Mississippi River, where they iron their own waffle cones, and usually give you an extra scoop for free. Image ImageImage

We now march boldly onward into our seventh year of marriage, smug that we still got it for each other and know how to celebrate 🙂  Cheerios and all. Image

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  1. Felicitaciones en 7 anos de matrimonio, you lovebirds! I am so thrilled that you two got together, and the world is a much better place for it – you are both amazing individuals who are a zillion times more amazing as a pair, and now with a bulldog sidekick to boot! Here’s to a seventh year overflowing with love, joy, adventures, and bread! 🙂

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