St. John’s College Santa Fe, New Mexico

When I need to think, I run. When I cannot run more than two miles because the altitude here in Sante Fe is stingy with oxygen, I hike to think. I graduate from the SPU MFA Program in Creative Writing in a week, and I’m having a hard time thinking of my life without it. Hiking hasn’t helped, though the trail was lovely this Sunday morning. ImageImage

To keep with my usual theme, here are some pastries that St. John’s College campus dining serves. I enjoyed the photographing of them more than the eating. ImageImage

And here is our classroom in the wily hush before a day begins. There is something alluring and also sad about empty chairs. It will all be over too soon.Image

4 thoughts on “St. John’s College Santa Fe, New Mexico

  1. As my dear friend Alice says, “life is a door opening, a door closing…and a door opening’.
    I am so grateful for this part of your journey and that you continue to embrace writing….

    1. I think life is a labyrinth of half open doors. How’s that for a Dave Ellis response? Thank you for coming along on the journey. 🙂

  2. Dearest Rach, I hope, and fully expect that you will find (or create!) some incredibly marvelous doors through which to go as you transition from this part of your life to new, currently unknown frontiers! I hope you can savor your days in Santa Fe this week, including the beautiful classroom, runs, and pretty (if not so tasty 🙂 ) pastries. Much love to you from Minneapolis!

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