Radishes with Rosemary Brown Butter

How to radish, I mean ravish, your taste buds. Some vegetables, I’ve noticed, have yet to become trendy and cool. The radish might be the Fred Mertz of vegetables. I would imagine if a radish wore pants, they might be pulled up past his greens; a dork of a veggie. But cheap! The bunches for this dish cost me 60c each. I’m thrilled when I can find anything for 60 cents—but a whole dinner’s-worth of Vitamin C-packed red fiber balls? A ravishing deal.


Grilled Radishes with Rosemary Brown Butter

Adapted from Food and Wine Jan 2014

1 stick unsalted butter

3 tbsp heavy cream

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp rosemary

Sea salt (to taste)

3 bunches of radishes

1 cup mint

In a skillet, melt down half the stick of butter and swill around until it is browned, maybe five minutes. Pour into a bowl to cool. When cooled, add the other half of the stick of butter, the cream, lemon juice, and rosemary. Mix well. Set aside.


Chop the greens off the radishes, rinse, and chop off the little root dangly things too—whatever the name for that is. Your radishes should look like a bowl full of red pool balls. What a brilliant red.


Pour about half of the rosemary butter cream goodness onto the radishes Image

and toss them into a skillet that has been preheated to HOT HOT HOT. They should sizzle and snap for about five minutes until charred and tender/cooked through. If you have a grill (and/or are in a place where at this time of year people might be doing this sort of thing—enjoy the radishes out there on the barby. I am not bitter.)


Lay down a bed of fresh mint (wouldn’t you like to be laid upon such a bed?)


Spoon the grilled radishes onto the mint and top with the rest of the rosemary butter.

I’m just so shocked that I ate radishes. I think this might have been the first time, ever. I wouldn’t say they were rad. Just rad-ish. Like that one, Dad? The gene you gave me made that pun.

Overall, the butter was a superb vehicle to carry the radishes past the finicky threshold and into my esophagus. However, my gallbladder might say otherwise. I imagine she is currently squeezing like a mad bellow. Better than for the sake of a Whopper, dear heart.

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    1. Oh, Susan, what you could not have known is that the music you selected is exactly what our Mardi Gras parade krewe plays on repeat while we march through our Fat Tuesday route– how I miss New Orleans. A lovely image indeed.

      1. Goodness, the stars really aligned on that one, causing my mind to come up with that particular song, it seems 🙂 What a beautiful image I have of you, KP and your dear NOLA neighbors celebrating Mardi Gras in fine style, with that joyful, playful song as your soundtrack! I hope you get to return to that city soon.

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