Gluten-Free Raspberry-Ginger Muffins

Let me be clear. I absolutely believe in gluten. BUT, I honor those around me who believe differently and who are biologically intolerant. I have now several times brought my baked goods to parties where they are not welcome. SO, I have decided to conduct a few trial runs in the world of gluten-free baking. This first project, thanks to Bob’s Red Mill garbanzo bean-based flour, was quite a success. Rinse, repeat.


Gluten-Free Raspberry-Ginger Muffins

Adapted from Bon Apetit Jan 2014

1½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon kosher salt

1½ cups plus 1 Tbsp. gluten-free all-purpose flour (use the garbanzo-based stuff from Bob’s Red Mill)

1 large egg

1 cup (packed) light brown sugar

½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted

½ cup whole milk

1 teaspoon finely grated peeled ginger

1½ cups fresh (or frozen, thawed) raspberries


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare your muffin cups (not a garment). Whisk baking powder, salt, and 1½ cups flour in a medium bowl. Whisk egg, brown sugar, butter, milk, and ginger in a large bowl; mix in dry ingredients. Toss raspberries with remaining 1 Tbsp. flour in a small bowl; gently fold into batter.

Divide batter among muffin cups and bake until a tester inserted into center comes out clean, 25–30 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes in pan before serving. I sprinkled the top with brown sugar, flour, and butter streusel, as seen on the muffins here.

Muffins can be made 1 day ahead. Store airtight at room temperature. Here’s evidence that they are very similar in texture to REAL muffins– not like little sea sponges.


Here is the magic gluten-free fairy dust, all thanks to Bob and his Mill in Portland, OR. Image


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  1. These look fantastic!
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    Suzanne Dinusson

  4. These look just delightful! I’m going to share the recipe with a friend and aunt who are among the gluten free folks in my life. I hadn’t realized that Bob’s Red Mill is based in your home city! It seems like a fitting place for what I perceive as a very kind, down-to-earth, healthful company – Portland to a T! His flax meal is a staple in my kitchen.

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