Bulldog Birthday Cake

Izzy the Tooth is six years old.

bulldog bday hat

I am aware that I photograph my bulldog more than I would a firstborn human. Izzy, however, is not aware that she is not, in fact, a firstborn human. I’m beginning to wonder if occasions like her birthday, on which she gets fed ample, extra portions of treats and cheese, set her up to resent us the remainder of the year for under-feeding her, by comparison. It’s hard to tell with her if resentment is a feeling or an unfortunate folding of the face. Happy Birthday, Dear Izzy. Thanks for years and years of joy.

bulldog bday hat profile

I made Izzy (okay, I made myself) a cake shaped like a dog bone, a very simple design:

bulldog cake3

And no, Izzy did not get to eat any of the chocolate-frosted part. But I did give her some of the cake cut outs from the edge.

bulldog bday

bulldog cake pre bulldog cake

bulldog cake2bulldog cake4

Haiku #56 (Feb 25)

Thwart antagonists,

Natural and corporate,

with a strong stillness.


Haiku #57 (Feb 26)

Internal birthday

Clocks do not exist. Friends must

Bring you candles, cake.

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  1. Feliz Cumpleanos Izzy! What a fun and festive celebration thanks to her very talented and sweet baker human mother! And still, that wrinkly frown persists 🙂 Have a happy Friday dear Hammer family, including the six-year-old first-born bulldog child!

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