Tartine Baguettes

I have not been impressed with any green bread recipe I’ve ever tried. And Irish Soda Bread is, at best, a shot put. I did make some killer guac for the St. Patty’s Day party I attended over the weekend. This St Patrick’s Day, I’m simply celebrating nature’s early green curling onto the branches out my window, and, in all humility, I’m toasting to my green, (with naïvete, not jealousy), amphibious heart—so young and bright with hope in the infancy of my medical career, with the answer of Match arriving at the end of the week like a gift from a very, very heavy stork.

tartine bagg

Tartine Baguettes

Adapted from the Tartine cookbook

A side note: whenever I hear the word “baguettes” I usually think of the French baker character in Beauty and the Beast, “Marie? The baguettes! Hurry up!”

First, make a poolish of 200g water, 200g flour, and a dollop of sourdough starter, cover and let it rise overnight, or at least four hours.

Then, make Tartine Baguette dough (using baker’s percentages (BP), so, as you will)

Sourdough starter 400g (40)

Water 500g (50)

Poolish 400g (40)

Bread flour 350g  (35)

All purpose flour 650g (65)

Salt 24g (2)

Follow the classic Tartine steps for bulk fermentation for the next 3-4 hours. Then, when you would otherwise shape the into baguettes and proof for another 2-3 hours in gutters of parchment.

tartine baguette

You can also let these cold rise in the fridge overnight, covered in saran. When ready to bake, heat up the stone to 500. Glaze your baguettes with egg white or water, slash a few times, and then slide them on the stone with a peel (on the parchment) and bake for 10-15 minutes (spraying with water a few times in the first few minutes). You may need to rotated them 180 degrees after 10 minutes, depending on how your oven works.

tartine baguettes

Haiku #73 (Mar 14)

I cannot haiku

Today for some reason. The

Words will not stand up.


Haiku #74 (Mar 15)

Life, a cabaret,

A box of chocolates, a

Free trip ‘round the sun.


Haiku #75 (Mar 16)

In the math of match,

How many must lose their dream

to make mine come true?


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  1. Gosh those look delicious! And I love the Beauty and the Beast connection. Maybe that masterpiece is on your brain since you and your family donned costumes of some of its characters for Halloween? 🙂

    Excited to hear your news at the end of the week! Fingers crossed for the result you want 🙂

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