Emmer Tartine Bread and Bright Colors

Just before KP and I left Rochester, where we had painted our home fuchsia and lime, my grandmother Gigi sent me this evocative image by Brian Andreas* which spoke to the compulsion I have long since had ever after living in New Orleans—to splash walls (literal and figurative) with bright colors.

Angel of Dreams image

To my delight, this last week in the new NOLA house, Mom and I have been doing a lot of splashing with brightness. And the interior of the place is starting to remind me of my own emotional interior, as I feel good home decorating should. Izzy has enjoyed posing with her new and improved backdrop.

izzy here is my painted new house

And here, I argue, she looks like George Costanza.

izzy let me show you how well I go with the chestnut floors

Emmer bread goes well with any color of wall.

emmer bread close

Emmer Tartine Bread

Adapted from the Tartine Bread Book

Sourdough         200 g

Water                 850 g

Emmer flour      300 g

Wheat flour       300 g

Regular flour     400 g

Wheat germ      70 g

Salt                      25 g

Emmer is an ancient grain, and sometimes hard to find in grocery stores. I bought this from Bluebird Grain Farms in Washington state. They ship everywhere.

emmer flour

Prepare the dough using the method of Tartine Country Bread, except let the dough rest for 60 minutes in the first rise, because it needs to absorb more water. Bake in the heated cast iron pot with the lid on at 500 degrees for 20 minutes, then turn down the temperature to 450 and bake for another 10 minutes, then finally remove the lid and finish with 25 more minutes at 450 degrees.

emmer bread

In other Golden Weekend news, Mom and I went down to the fete of Bastille Day in New Orleans, and arrived just in time to catch the French Dog Costume Contest, of which Tarzan, a small lapdog wearing a Le Petit Prince book costume, took home the grand prize.

Bastille day bastille day french dog bastile day le petit prince bastille day me and mom as frenchies

Haiku #190 July 9th

I wouldn’t want to

live inside a Mexican

restaurant, Mom frowns.

Haiku #191 July 10th

A great ratio

Of positive likelihood

That soon I shall rest.

Haiku #192 July 11th

Blue sky on Bastille

Day turned the French red scarves and

white suits American.

*Reproduced with the written permission from Story of the Day.

3 thoughts on “Emmer Tartine Bread and Bright Colors

  1. Love, love, love the artwork – you are that angel! 🙂 – wall colors, photos, and dog contest! Thanks so much for sharing this window into your week! I hope you and your mom enjoy the rest of her visit to the fullest! XOXOXO

      1. But of course, my dear Rachel! I will be there just as soon as my travel funds allow for it, which is hopefully not too long from now! 🙂 XOXOXO

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