Toasted Millet Porridge Bread

Memory lived not in initial possession but in the freed hands, pardoned and freed, and in the heart that can empty but fill again, in the patterns restored by dreams. … The last thing Laurel saw, before they whirled into speed, was the twinkling of their hands, the many small and unknown hands, wishing her goodbye.      Eudora Welty, The Optimist’s Daughter.

She is hypnotic, Ms. Welty, in her prose. I bid you read this book that you too may be struck at the catharsis of how Laurel lets go of things. A primer in grief, but also, perhaps, a manual for the New Year’s edge—the time when we all look around ourselves and wonder with a tinge of disgust but also with fondness “how do I find myself now?” A mirror reckoning. A closet reckoning. An inner reckoning. A time of deconstruction, and, necessarily, reconstruction. I’m rubbing my palms together in preparations for a new resolution. Goodbye haiku and hello—surprise.

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This bread here brought me back to Poland, a place I would gladly return! Hearty, massive loaves. And porridge just sounds so cozy and northern and krakowian.

Toasted Millet Porridge Bread

Adapted from Tartine Bread Book No 3

Millet 150g

All purpose flour 500g

Wheat flour 500g

Wheat germ 70g

Water 750g

Sourdough starter 150g

Fine sea salt 15 g

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread millet on a baking sheet and toast until browned and aromatic, 20 minutes or so. Transfer to a bowl and add 2 cups of cold water and let soak overnight. The next day, transfer millet and soaking liquid to a skillet and bring to a boil. Cover, and simmer for 40 minutes until the millet has absorbed all the liquid. Fluff with a fork once removed from heat and let cool.

Follow the master method (here) to make the dough.

millet bread risingmillet

Roll the dough in raw millet to coat for proofing. Place in bannetons, millet side down/seam-side up for final rises. Bake at 450-500 in Dutch ovens. Makes two loaves.

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Haiku #356 Dec 22nd

The middle seat is

Caught in the cross between the

Reach outward and in.


Haiku #357 Dec 23rd

Pepparkoker and

Krumkake and salmon dish

Oh my! Tradition!


Haiku #358 Dec 24th

Smorgasbord harkens

Me back to a time I missed

Because I am not.


Haiku #359 Dec 25th


Of the holidays—a waltz

Along the west coast.


Haiku #360 Dec 26th

Oh the games we play:

Whispered words, Ticket to Ride,

Spinning in circles.


Haiku #361 Dec 27th

It is memory

That is the somnambulist

Flashing light at dark.


Haiku #362 Dec 28th

Still a fire-orange

Rim on the sky, tomorrow’s

Mighty undertow.


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  1. Ooooh I can’t wait to see what your 2016 resolution will be, though I will miss your haikus! My does this break look and sound very cozy and northern indeed 🙂 I hope you and those who are fortunate enough to be in your presence are enjoying it greatly! And I am overjoyed that you get to spend some days Christmas waltzing along the west coast, beautiful 🙂 Lots of love to you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XOXOXO

      1. Awww, muchísimas gracias mi amorcita! 🙂 You are so welcome for the card. I have absolutely loved savoring your words and the photos that you and KP sent in your Thanksgiving card too! Hooray for correspondence between dear friends across the miles! XOXOXO

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