A Smoothie Bible, with Guest Review from my Smoothie Queen

Knowing my true place in the scheme of things, a veritable smoothie novice, I deferred the deep analysis of what I call the Smoothie Bible, the “300 Best Blender Recipes Using Your Vitamix” by Robin Asbell, to my mother, the Smoothie Queen. In New Orleans we have Smoothie King, but in Portland, OR, we all know the Smoothie Queen is Andie. Her Vitamix hasn’t had a day off in years. I’m not sure there is one lone oxidant left in her trillion cells.

Of the “Blueberry Green Smoothie,” she reviews, “A good smoothie, much like my normal fare. The coconut water is sweet, so if you have green shake fear, this is a go-to, achieving a big swat at your five fruits and veggies per day. Also, the blueberries, make this ‘sea green’ not veggie green so that may be a plus for some.”

She also pressure-tested the Cherry Pomegranate Antioxidant Smootie. Dark cherries, as we know, are powerful anti-inflammatories.  Mom’s naturopath suggests them to her instead of Advil or Tylenol for aches and pains. Per Mom, “the smoothie itself tastes sugar-naughty and there isn’t a bit of sugar in it.  I subbed in coconut milk yogurt and can’t taste it, only those cherries.  Beautiful dark red color and worth repeating and a nice repentant act after I made beautiful sugar cookies only three weeks ago AND an chocolate espresso cake. “

There are almost enough recipes for you to try a new flavor each day of the calendar year.

I love it. I’ve been also experimenting with new smoothie recipes in efforts to close my nutritional gap in 2017. I noticed that a scoop of Vitamin C or Purity powder gives a righteous vitamin-y zing to my protein smoothies of late.

I’m excited to be partnering with MegaFood and their upcoming pledge drive—for each pledge submitted online, participants get a $5 off coupon toward MegaFood stuff and in turn, MegaFood will donate a bottle of MegaFood Multivitamins to those in need. Details on this will be in a post forthcoming next week, so stay tuned. You can also win a wellness retreat, ooh ooh la.

My thanks to Robert Rose Publishers for the chance to review this book!

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