Torta Caprese for My Birthday Cake

What a fabulous birthday. Surprise after surprise after surprise! Bright flowers from KP.

A dozen eggs (thank you magnificent seven!)

Presents and cards and several evenings out this week with friends and loved ones.

And the Italian Baker, by Melissa Forti. Literally the most beautiful baking book I’ve yet seen. Full of mouth-watering photography featuring cakes and pastries on fine china in Melissa’s Tea Room (in Italy where Forti has been learning to make Italian desserts.)

Per tradition, I had to make a chocolate cake for my birthday and the Flourless Chocolate Torte was a heavenly way to invest half of the latest dozen.

I highly recommend the Italian Baker to Bake This Day readers; please purchase her book, I think she is my new baking hero– you can get it here:

Thanks again to all for the birthday love. Time to boot up Rachel 3.2 — A bright year ahead.


4 thoughts on “Torta Caprese for My Birthday Cake

  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Beautiful cake and beautiful flowers. I have not responded to your blog for a long time, however, I frequently read about your delicious recipes. I assume your life as an MD is continuing to go well. So happy I had the chance to interview for Mayo Medical School. You have been an incredible asset to the medical field.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! Residency is just wonderful at Tulane, I am so glad I chose to return to New Orleans. I have been richly rewarded again and again in life, and very much consider my early encounter with you at Mayo to be one of those blessings. Hope you are well!

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