Pledge to Mind the Gap – MegaFood Smoothie Time

It is well known that doctors, in particular, residents-in-training, have some of the worst health habits of all the land. We walk around with acute kidney injuries from daily dehydration, and when we finally get a chance to catch up on eating/hydrating, we dump cans of caffeinated diet sodas down the hatch chased by fistfuls of whatever is salty and nearby in a bag. Sometimes I wonder how my cells are scraping by with what I give them to build with. My brain in particular. I went to a lecture on vitamin supplementation by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog at the 2016 ShiftCon, and felt personally convicted to do better this year with regard to nutrition—to mind the gap, as it were. She has partnered with MegaFood to formulate a multivitamin that meets a host of stringent standards: vegetarian, dairy free, non-GMO, and farm fresh. These vitamins taste and smell like they could go bad if you don’t use them in a month. That’s a good thing. Real things rot. Avoid what’s not.

To do that, I’m grateful MegaFood makes it easy for busy people like me! I made a pledge to close my nutritional gap by taking a vitamin daily, and what is so awesome about this pledge drive is that my purchase of vitamins pays it forward to help cure nutritional poverty. In a nutshell, for every pledge Megafood receives, they are donating a bottle of MegaFood Multivitamins to those in need. All pledgees will receive a $5 off coupon toward a purchase of any MegaFood Multivitamin and will be entered to win a year’s supply of MegaFood Multivitamins and a trip to a wellness retreat.

In addition to taking a vitamin daily, I’ve been experimenting with some of their nutrient booster powder supplements, using a scoop daily in my protein shakes.

My Pledge: MegaFood Smoothie Time

One cup plain Greek Yogurt

½-3/4 cup nonfat milk

2 cups frozen fruit (mangos and peaches are my fave)

1 scoop of Healthy Skoop Viva-nilla plant-based protein powder

1 scoop of Healthy Skoop plant-based Greens blend

1 scoop MegaFood Daily Purify OR Daily C-Protect

My husband is a teacher, I’m a doctor, and together, we make the perfect viral farm where bugs can wreak havoc on our immune systems should we allow them to grow weak. I am hopeful that adding some of these much needed nutrients to my routine will translate to fewer days with fevers and sniffles. What I like about MegaFood products is how the nutrients are gathered that constitute the supplements. I used to think that fortification with vitamins and powders was cheating—shouldn’t I be getting my vitamin A from carrots themselves? Well, the problem with this, I think, is that the mineral content of our foods just isn’t what it once was. And because of that, we would have to eat a mountain of carrots to get enough Vitamin A. And don’t get me started on B-Z. Realistically, I don’t eat enough and good foods aren’t always an option (see call room posts of yon). So just take a vitamin. And make the  pledge so some who really needs them but can’t afford them can have one too. Make vitamins a part of your kitchen.

Check out their upcoming Facebook Live on February 7th. The Facebook Live will be our official pledge launch and will be filled with broadcasts from some very special guests!

Please note that this post was sponsored by MegaFoods with product donation to Bake This Day. #sponsored #ad

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