Click’n through call with Keli’s Teriyaki Chicken Nachos

Most call days I wake up and feel like this.

I only get out of bed if I know I can soon have a full pot of french press coffee. Or Click.

On call days, sustenance is about speed. I’ve posted on Click Coffee Protein shakes before, but oh man, stuff that you can take and shake to go –that tastes like an iced latte or mocha—is ideal. CLICK is sponsoring another giveaway through Bake This Day, so if you’d like to win a free canister of product, reply to this post, drawing will be on 4/19 at 12P!

Another favorite food on busy call days is nachos. I recently discovered Keli’s Hawaiian sauce products, and these Hawaiian marinades are perfect for summer snacking, easy to drizzle on whatever BBQ or salad or chip dish you’ve planned for porch sitting.

Keli’s Teriyaki Chicken Nachos

2 large chicken breasts

3 cups cheddar cheese, shredded

1 large bag tortilla chips

2 cups salsa (I like

Sour cream

1 cup Keli’s Hawaiian Ginger Garlic Teriyaki

½ can of beer

Various roasted red, yellow and orange peppers (optional)

1 1alapeno pepper, sliced

1 avocado diced

2 scallions, diced

In a crockpot, cook the chicken breasts in the marinade with a ½ can of beer for several hours. Until it falls apart, basically. Then when you are ready to get dinner on the table, put the chips on a piece of parchment on a baking sheet, cover in cheese and salsa, add more chips, cover in cheese and salsa again, and then put in the oven on Broil for 5 minutes, until the chips are brown and cheese is bubbly. Then top with sour cream, avocados and the chicken.

Posts sponsored by Keli’s and Click! Thanks to both for getting me through my residency.

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