Nourished on a Sunday

Perhaps Nourished spoke to me because I too recently discovered the healing power of food. Lia Huber has written this charming memoir with spiritual notes—a lovely Sunday morning sort of read—in which she describes the journey to the epiphany that food has soul. There are recipes, but for me, the real grit of her book is in the musing. She writes of faith in a way that is not starched (corn or linen) or overbearing. She founded Nourish Evolution, a movement to inspire and connect people more deeply through real food. This sounds like the sort of thing I am already a part of, seeds I have been already sewing and sprouting within and around me unawares. How very Gospel.

“Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.” Mark 4:27

I enjoyed this memoir this morning with my favorite breakfast—poached eggs on tartine whole-grain millet and flax seed toasts with basil snippings and tomatoes. Poached yolk is the best sauce. My backyard chickens give this five stars. Food is about soul. Penzeys (my favorite spice company) has long understood this. We love people by cooking them tasty and healthy food.

Another Sunday sort of cookbook is Sunday Suppers by the Best of Bridge. Great cake—made it for David’s birthday.  Grandma Ruby, wherever you are, this was a hit.  And Mars, this  American Heritage chocolate was also a hit. Thank you! We are all stocked up for hot cocoa season (as soon as we get some cold weather… in a few months).

If I’m lucky to get a Sunday free from the hospital—you can find me in the kitchen doing marathon-meal-making. This cookbook features recipes that seem in print and in character like they were passed to you by an Aunt Myrtle or the bathrobed lady from the porch next door—the house that always seems to have a pie in the oven. I’m aspiring to be that place. And as for today, the bathrobed lady is me.


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