Vampiro Sauce for an LA Halloween – Be Our Guest

We attempt to bring a touch of Hollywood to LA (Louisiana) every Halloween. A neighbor recently said that living near us brought the excitement of living near a playhouse–always a production in the works.

This year we brought Beauty and the Beast to Midcity Porch Crawl and took home Best Costume for a Group!

For those who wanted to Be Our Guest at the castle, we festooned the dining room with dancing plates and flatware chandeliers.

Izzy thought the ice buckets were for bulldog sampling.

From L.A. Mexicano by Bill Esparza I made this Vampiro Sauce into Grey Stuff, which was indeed delicious. Very garlicky. This cookbook is bright and features portraits and stories of the people who offer their home recipes for public enjoyment in L.A. There is a convenient catalogue of many, many Mexican restaurants you should not miss on your next trip to Southern California. It has been excited to return.

Tastes amazing as a spread on hearty wheat Tartine bread, with spicy black beans and quinoa.  Grey food is not common, though, for a reason.

A beauty and my beast.  Such a wonderful year for costumes and friends and festivity.


3 thoughts on “Vampiro Sauce for an LA Halloween – Be Our Guest

  1. Aahhh this is fantastic! Happy Belated Halloween to y’all! You really outdid yourselves with the costumes and in/outdoors decor. I love your neighbor’s description of living next to you as being like living near a playhouse too, a very fine complement : ) XOXO!

      1. I would love love love to! I know it didn’t work out this year, but have a good feeling that 2018 could be our year! I will be in touch to hatch a travel plan 🙂 Thanks so very much for the invitation, and please know that my home is always open to you and KP too!

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