Travelwise in Search of Konjac Fideos among Palms

Finally, last weekend, my dream came true and “going to work” meant strolling through gardens of bougainvillea-bestrewn gates, sitting by a pool at a Palm Springs resort, meeting with old friends and colleagues and inventing a new beverage I call the Mexican 75. I love academic conferences. I learned a lot at a leisurely pace.

When I travel, I usually have no packing strategy and I lose half a dozen items and/or I can’t find whatever it is I’ve thrown into my suitcase. I tested out these little Russian nesting doll-style soft suitcase squares from Travelwise and for the first time, I could find my swimsuit and socks after three days at the resort. For those who are delighted by Type A-ness, enjoy.

I have been inspired by this trip and the Mexican 75s (a strangely pleasing combination of tequila, lime juice and champagne) to return to the cookbook L.A. Mexicano by Bill Esparza. You should definitely try this recipe for Fideos (which means noodles).

I substituted the noodles with Konjac noodles made by Skinny Pasta. Konjac is a plant native to Japan, and the noodle substance is harvested from the roots, made into all kinds of noodle and rice shapes. They are gluten free, full of fiber and taste totally neutral.

The konjac rice tasted great with an old favorite stir-fry bok choy recipe I love.

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  1. What a very beautiful conference setting! I love bougainvilleas and fideos! Both bring me back to Argentina, where I first encountered these delights 🙂 The Mexican 75 sounds strangely delightful too 🙂 Thanks for sharing all this goodness, and I hope you have more wonderful conferences in your future!

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