Be A Cookie Monster this Christmas with Krusteaz

In Cookie Monster’s dreams, some famous cookie company arrives on his doorstep and puts boxes of their cookie mix and sprinkles in his blue carpet palms and his eyes spin opposite on their orbs like big banged worlds going round in a blink. Well, dreams come true, Cook.

Call me Cookie Monster, and thanks to Krusteaz for putting boxes of their cookie mix in my blue palms and cheering up my holiday ennui.

We made a party out of it! All the wonderful medicine and psychiatry doctors I work with came to do our version of academy awards within our program,

and we decorated little band-aid and prescription bottle gingerbreads, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. I think I made about 200 strong and they went fast! Rx: cookie.

Krusteaz has a fun tool for those finding themselves in need of inspiration—Holiday Cookie Helper. It’s like a Myers Briggs test for your cookie psychometric profile. Apparently, I’m a chocolate chip and milk shooter kind of person. Can’t wait to try those next! But take the test yourself…

Enjoy your favorite cookies this season and try some new ones– and most important of all, share them with those you love.

Thanks Krusteaz!!!

One thought on “Be A Cookie Monster this Christmas with Krusteaz

  1. What a loving, joyful, and creative work team party! And those cookies are so fun and cute 🙂 A very Merry belated Christmas to you and yours, dearest Rach! XOXOXO

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