Cake, I Love You

Cake, I love you.

Saints, I love you.

Mardi Gras, I love you.

So many love letters to write, so little time.

Discovered the most wonderful new cookbook, an unabashed testament to the power of cake. Jill O’Connor wrote Cake I Love You which has just cake after cake after cake, and tons of insider secrets like how to make your own vanilla extract. Every recipe starts with “first cream the butter with the sugar,” and it never gets old. I have flagged basically every recipe in the wildly colored pages for future birthday endeavors. Or a day off.

Tonight, I started with the Diner Coffee Cake recipe, and I brought it to a Muses Shoe Decorating party. So much butter. Delish.

Looking forward to the Saints beating the Vikings this weekend…. playoff magic! I’m sure there will be a cake for that celebration,


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