Carnival – the Big Game for New Orleans- was Poppin

The pure energy of the last three weeks in New Orleans has a hum that remains in my head, a force that pulls at the edges of my mouth to smile broad and wide again and again as I recall each costume, each band, each delicious meal, each loved one who danced in the streets with me during these dazzling festivals. In some places in our country, football is the Big Game of the season, for New Orleans, the Big Game is Carnival.

It starts with Krewe de Vieux, which we celebrated with the Krewe of Arsenal and with Kaos as the best costumed—New Orleans one hundred years from now, underwater, with a team of RTA submarine attendants.

Then Muses. Got to decorate shoes this year for the krewe and was rewarded with one to catch!

Saturday is Endymion—which we host as it is the only major parade in Mid-City. Bob Ross was our theme.

Sunday we spent eating snacks and finishing our capstone costume projects for Lundi Gras—Dead Beans parade—the first inaugural—to which I wore a Disco [is dead] costume and KP was the ghost of the Seattle Super Sonics.

And the big finale—Mardi Gras—at which we were decorated as Toucan Sam and a big Bowl of Froot Loops.

This is such an epic and fabulous season. It is always a treat to have ready snacks on hand for our party goers, and I was delighted to have Buffalo and Ranch and Cheese Lovers GH Cretors Mix. #sponsored.

Also Beetology provided some delicious ideas for party mixers which were great for porch sitting as well as for Valentine’s Day—which we enjoyed at Second Line Brewing to watch When Harry Met Sally.

Bourbon Beet-It

3 oz Beetology beet+cherry

1.5 oz bourbon

1 dash sour cherry bitters

Fill cocktail shaker with ice, add Beetology and bourbon and shake until chilled, then strain and serve.

Mardi Gras has taught me that I am fundamentally a maker, a creator-person. Mardi Gras isn’t something that happens, like the weather, it is something we all make together–something we bring into the world, something we will to be.

It takes the efforts of many, and in the end, it is a swirl of color, glitter, and love.

One thought on “Carnival – the Big Game for New Orleans- was Poppin

  1. Oh my goodness, it doesn’t seem possible but I think you and KP keep out-doing yourselves with costumes and party decorations year after year! These are just magnificent, so creative and beautiful! LOL at Izzy’s get-up and facial expression too 🙂 And I love your wise words at the end about this season not just happening automatically, but rather requiring the effort of many. That applies to many of the best things in life, I do believe 🙂 Muchas gracias for sharing all this goodness!

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