Cilantro Lemon Soup, Ginger Fried Rice and Boogaloo

Bayou Boogaloo sailed through Mid City this weekend. There were many, many pirates. Most of them neon. I saw a stuffed dolphin on a guy’s shoulder, next to his mullet’s tail. We sailed our trusty Old Town Featherweight from stage to stage, along side a fleet of giant rubber duckies. Summer has arrived in the […]

Pinto Bean Burgers and Culinary Fight Club at Central City BBQ

I am dazzled by the transformation of Central City over the last half decade. Tonight KP and I visited a new establishment, Central City BBQ. I am delighted by the artful and homegrown approach to urban bbq! Central City BBQ hosted the Culinary Fight Club competition tonight—the challenge: burgers with 25% mushroom blend—the competitors: Chef […]

Stracciatella and Jazz Italian Style

Decided on a staycation in New Orleans this week for my hard-won week off. What a delight to live in a city where just participating in the social fabric feels as though I have gone far away (from work). Of course this week is a little better than average for NOLA—it is Jazz Fest—which brings […]