Peach Tart and other Farm to Table Desserts

Saturday. The day when all our front lawns get crew cuts, all the food threatening to rot in the fridge gets whipped into salads and quiches and pico de gallo and fruit tarts. Like am’uricans we went to a baseball game last night and enjoyed beer and nachos and watched the planetary orbits of brilliant […]

Tomato Basil Soup with Green Beans and Beet Pesto– Secrets of Skinny Cooking

Membership in a local CSA (community supported agriculture) presents a pleasant challenge—to eat fresh that which is in season. As a relatively new Louisiana gardener, I am on the steep and ascending edge of the learning curve. So far this year I’ve struck gold on Creole tomatoes, okra, limes and jalapeno peppers. They say eggplants […]

Pie Irons and Grilled Cheese- Father’s Day is Coming

I have two great cookbooks for the men in your life. The first is Grilled Cheese and Beer–for those with the finer tastes in life. An erudite tour through the subtle delicacies and variations on one theme–cheesy bread. Written by Kevin VanBlarcum & James Edward Davis, this book has stratified levels of complexity and health-consciousness so […]

Cilantro Lemon Soup, Ginger Fried Rice and Boogaloo

Bayou Boogaloo sailed through Mid City this weekend. There were many, many pirates. Most of them neon. I saw a stuffed dolphin on a guy’s shoulder, next to his mullet’s tail. We sailed our trusty Old Town Featherweight from stage to stage, along side a fleet of giant rubber duckies. Summer has arrived in the […]