Meadow Mocktail

Everyone who owns socks knows that lavender is good stuff. I had never considered using it as food, but in the realm of craft cocktails, we must leave no stone yet unturned. This cocktail is refreshing, perfect porch material for the coming spring and advent of Jazz Fest here in the Crescent City. This drink […]

Pledge to Mind the Gap – MegaFood Smoothie Time

It is well known that doctors, in particular, residents-in-training, have some of the worst health habits of all the land. We walk around with acute kidney injuries from daily dehydration, and when we finally get a chance to catch up on eating/hydrating, we dump cans of caffeinated diet sodas down the hatch chased by fistfuls […]

Turmeric Ginger Elixir for Holiday Detox

If you are feeling run down by the pace of the holidays, what with Christmas shopping, baking, travelling, and over-boozing at parties – I think I have a special drank for you, beautiful. An elixir, if you will. Sounds medicinal, right? Maybe it is. My mother likes to boil ginger in honey and drink a […]