Gouda Friday Savory Pancakes

A delicious Good Friday morning. Squash blossoms yawning open with the sunrise. Hot coffee and fat buttermilk gouda pancakes with a side of crackling bacon. The nest thick three chickens deep; a solo clarinet issuing “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from a radio hitched to the coop (I believe the ladies are urged along […]

Spiced Ricotta Pancakes with Just Spices

All is right with the world (in my little New Orleanian Mardi Gras bubble; note also that in the la la land of residency I really don’t have much time to belabor the weight of daily news). We have been trotting out to some of the early season parades, last night was Cleopatra, and we […]

Pecan Maple Glazed Kringle for Christmas Morning

Well I just watched a monarch butterfly land on a lush red blossom that exploded overnight on the Mexican Flame Vine crawling up the lattice outside my kitchen window. December, folks, December in New Orleans. A chilly winter’s day, such that my petunias mistake it for spring. To get in the holiday spirit, I’ve been […]