Spiced Ricotta Pancakes with Just Spices

All is right with the world (in my little New Orleanian Mardi Gras bubble; note also that in the la la land of residency I really don’t have much time to belabor the weight of daily news). We have been trotting out to some of the early season parades, last night was Cleopatra, and we […]

Pecan Maple Glazed Kringle for Christmas Morning

Well I just watched a monarch butterfly land on a lush red blossom that exploded overnight on the Mexican Flame Vine crawling up the lattice outside my kitchen window. December, folks, December in New Orleans. A chilly winter’s day, such that my petunias mistake it for spring. To get in the holiday spirit, I’ve been […]

Gluten-free Socca with Poached Eggs, Roasted Tomatoes and Fresh Basil for American Diabetes Month

Just in time for Thanksgiving, red alert that November is also American Diabetes Month. When I help my patients to understand a diagnosis of diabetes, many are disappointed because they believe they will have to give up some of their favorite foods. The good news: how many more favorites you have yet to discover. Living […]

Caffeinated Pumpkin Powercakes and GIVEAWAY

I cannot imagine a more perfect protein supplement for resident physicians. CLICK is an easy add-on to whatever sort of hectic, shaken not stirred sort of morning you may be having, and the 16 grams of protein sustains. This week, I’ve been on nights, chugging like a Night Train up and down lonely, dark wards, […]

Galette de Rois and Balm

Making my way again through the book that may very well be the best work of literature produced in our country in the last fifty years, Gilead, the very book an attempt to answer Jeremiah’s question with blessed less certainty and blessed more sincerity than the sung spiritual. Yes, there is a balm, and there […]

Gluten-free Chocolate Orange Scones

We have a winner! Thanks again to Equal Exchange for sponsoring the chocolate giveaway hosted here on Bake This Day. We champion creativity on this blog, we like to do things a little differently— Izzy let us know she was mad the contest wasn’t open to dog entrants, so we let her choose the winner. […]