Green Pasta

St Patrick’s Day is coming, so go find several pounds of spinach and dye your pasta green for the holidays! I received a pasta cutter Kitchen-aid attachment for Christmas this year, and the Pasta Bible inspire greatness. I had always wanted to make my own pasta but have been thwarted by the usual laziness. The […]

Red Snapper en Papillote

Succulent snapper. So much moisture retained by the parchment paper, steaming in white wine. Very spicy, perfect balance of flavor. This is a perfect dish to serve when hosting company—easy to control on a time-sensitive schedule, hard to mess up and SO SO delicious. Or you could always go out to eat for a good […]

Cream of Cauliflower Soup for Cozy Wintering

Super delicious soup—although looked like I literally made Whirled Peas. Baby food dinner for Adults. I used an ENORMOUS cauliflower that Rouses was selling (probably by mistake) for $4 –and this was a 7 pound head, possibly heavier and larger than my own. This with cooked down collard greens was a fabulous combo for this […]

Cannellini Beans With Spinach and #ShiftCon

A week ago, I attended my first ever blogger/foodie conference, ShiftCon in New Orleans. I felt like my hometown, Portland Oregon, came to NOLA to visit me. Hoards of white women badgered the Creole wait staff about whether or not the potatoes and carrots served were organic or not, “I dunno, lady! Stop aksing me!?” […]

Sabores de Cuba Ropa Vieja to #StopDiabetes

I swear I did not time the publishing of this post to occur in the wake of the late Fidel Castro. I love Cuban food, pure and simple. And I’m thrilled there is now a healthy Cubano cuisine cookbook. November is American Diabetes Month, and so I am celebrating with a series of cookbooks the […]

Sicilian Caponata to #StopDiabetes

Ok diabetes, allow me to blow your mind. Here is a recipe that is both Italian and rife with chocolate that is made especially for you. November is American Diabetes Month, and so I am celebrating with a series of cookbooks the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has published. But here’s my attitude, as a physician, […]