Pumpkin Spice Challah Back At Me

The tire popped on my moped two weeks ago as I sped out of the Johnny Mango parking lot. Not my finest hour. A chivalrous man came to my rescue  on the side of the road and helped me to wheel the scooter into Kwik Trip for free air. He then proceeded to fill it […]

Champagne Spinal Tap Fondue

A toast to the first week of neurology after which I am proud to report that I am batting a thousand in my lumbar puncture record. Three for three glistening champagne spinal taps. I credit the success to having had a surgery rotation preceding—my hand has been steadied to some degree from holding things far […]

Focaccia as Motor End Plate

So surgery was a bit like going to a rave sober. It was hard not to feed off the high of the surgeons so in love with the OR and with operating. The climate buzzed ecstatic. I came out of the operating room each day singing and still throwing punches, bouncing on my toes, chanting […]

Writing as Laparotomy

Returned home to Fuchsia and Lime this morning to find a chocolate cake sweetly plugging a husband-sized hole. The cake will probably only hold the gap for another 24 hours, and then we’re in trouble. I need you far more badly than Portland does, KP. Meanwhile, I am enjoying Izzy’s tail wagging and face licking […]