Cherry Gazpacho a la Stoneridge Orchards

Gazpacho is the ideal late summer cuisine—a chilled soup that is spicy, hearty and just the shade of autumn leaves. This was my first gazpacho attempt, and I wanted to find a recipe for gazpacho that would allow me to use Stoneridge dried cherries because Stoneridge Orchards also makes a chocolate dipped cherry that I […]

Cilantro Lemon Soup, Ginger Fried Rice and Boogaloo

Bayou Boogaloo sailed through Mid City this weekend. There were many, many pirates. Most of them neon. I saw a stuffed dolphin on a guy’s shoulder, next to his mullet’s tail. We sailed our trusty Old Town Featherweight from stage to stage, along side a fleet of giant rubber duckies. Summer has arrived in the […]

Cream of Cauliflower Soup for Cozy Wintering

Super delicious soup—although looked like I literally made Whirled Peas. Baby food dinner for Adults. I used an ENORMOUS cauliflower that Rouses was selling (probably by mistake) for $4 –and this was a 7 pound head, possibly heavier and larger than my own. This with cooked down collard greens was a fabulous combo for this […]

Peanut Butter Soup for the Soul

I wanted to highlight a little goodness in the world amid ever-harrowing headlines. The catastrophic flooding in Louisiana in August this year left hundreds of dogs and cats homeless, hungry and scared. Local shelters had to scramble for food and supplies to care for them. To help ensure these animals had enough food while they waited […]

Acorn Squash Soup and Old Fashioned Maple Sweets, In Winter’s Kitchen

Just in time for fall issues this lovely read, In Winter’s Kitchen, the latest book from Minnesota writer Beth Dooley, author of several Northern Heartland cookbooks. The chapter on “Wheat” spoke to me as it was in Minnesota that I had my own personal foodie revolution featuring a sourdough starter named Flo, and hence, this […]