Gouda Friday Savory Pancakes

A delicious Good Friday morning. Squash blossoms yawning open with the sunrise. Hot coffee and fat buttermilk gouda pancakes with a side of crackling bacon. The nest thick three chickens deep; a solo clarinet issuing “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from a radio hitched to the coop (I believe the ladies are urged along […]

Spiced Ricotta Pancakes with Just Spices

All is right with the world (in my little New Orleanian Mardi Gras bubble; note also that in the la la land of residency I really don’t have much time to belabor the weight of daily news). We have been trotting out to some of the early season parades, last night was Cleopatra, and we […]

Saturday Pancake Pie

‘Cause I’ve got a golden weekend! I’ve got a golden chance to make my way. And with a golden weekend it’s a golden day…. A Saturday morning at home has the verve of toddlerhood possibility. Of course, such freedom and possibility must start with a homemade pancake. An homage to Festus and Pancake Pie.  Followed […]

Potato Waffles Up

Easter brunch has its staples. KP and I are accustomed to heading out to North Carolina to celebrate the culmination of Holy Week with our dear friends the Warrens, but this year, we are on the Left Coast to bid my parents a happy fortieth anniversary. Palm Sunday in New Orleans was a first for […]

Crispy Summer Squash Pancakes

Of course I want to be healthy. We all do. But when you look at an earnest summer squash in the produce section, who thinks pancakes? Well, now you will. I give you, the perfect summer dinner. Guilt free.   Crispy Summer Squash Pancakes Adapted from Food and Wine 2 medium yellow squash, grated on […]

Socca and NAMI Walk

This was a week of weddings and birthdays, polished off with the finale of the NAMI walk which is probably the best NAMI event in this country, because in New Orleans, there is no walking, there is only second lining. We marched to the Rebirth Brass Band around Audubon park with a miniature army of […]