Lemon Lavender Macarons– Vive la France

For Bastille Day, I did a little jig on my front porch in gratitude to France for the Louisiana Purchase, and then I made macarons. There just is no better dessert, I’m convinced. The last time I made these with my lovely neighbor Denae, I ate my half of the batch with embarrassing haste. Oh, […]

Red Snapper en Papillote

Succulent snapper. So much moisture retained by the parchment paper, steaming in white wine. Very spicy, perfect balance of flavor. This is a perfect dish to serve when hosting company—easy to control on a time-sensitive schedule, hard to mess up and SO SO delicious. Or you could always go out to eat for a good […]

Msemmen Flatbread for the Doctors Ellis

Congratulations, Dr. Ellis! Exciting times in the family, had a reunion this weekend in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my brother’s becoming a doctor. I got to walk with faculty and hood him on stage, guh, such an honor. It’s a long road, but there is a large, delicious dinner at the end with all your […]

Gluten-free Chocolate Orange Scones

We have a winner! Thanks again to Equal Exchange for sponsoring the chocolate giveaway hosted here on Bake This Day. We champion creativity on this blog, we like to do things a little differently— Izzy let us know she was mad the contest wasn’t open to dog entrants, so we let her choose the winner. […]

Pasta with Spicy Tofu and Pistachios

Tofu’s unnatural geometry is much less off-putting when coated in chili powder from Santa Fe. Still, when my imagination returns me to the child version of myself, when I look at this dish, I see a foam pit into which I might jump. Thankfully, this foam pit is delicious. The pistachios, essential.  Jump in to […]

Potato Waffles Up

Easter brunch has its staples. KP and I are accustomed to heading out to North Carolina to celebrate the culmination of Holy Week with our dear friends the Warrens, but this year, we are on the Left Coast to bid my parents a happy fortieth anniversary. Palm Sunday in New Orleans was a first for […]