Rosemary Flax Baguette and Prague

It goes without saying that I have gotten a little behind on my bread blog work—technical difficulties mostly having to do international travel to Eastern Europe, but also with nearly losing a cell phone, lacking appropriate device chargers, and lastly, Charter’s decrepit modem that quietly expired while we were out of town on the graduation […]

Muesli Baguette

The porridge was good, the bread was better. If you liked the muesli porridge yesterday, you will love this bread made from a scoop of the porridge.  Muesli Baguette Adapted from The Village Baker Starter ½ cup muesli porridge ½ cup all purpose flour Mix together and pack into a firm ball. Let rise, covered, […]

Pain Blanc Au Levain

As if I weren’t getting enough of French words in the series of recipes I have endeavored from The Village Baker, tonight I watched the French foreign film The Intouchables with a certain little club we started at Calvary, Filmosopher’s Fellowship. The plot traces an unlikely friendship between two men on either side of cultural, […]

Pain Ordinaire in Baguette

The breads of France are beguiling, but only for their high-faluting nomenclature. Flour and water and yeast and salt. Last night’s fellowship dinner for Calvary we served the following loaf, a fail safe, I do believe. This is the basic bread in the new book, the Village Baker from my bread guru, out of print!  […]