Pecan and Caramel Sticky Buns

The swirls in these sticky buns match the red swirls the angry blood vessels have designed upon my tired eyes. Red Eye flight home from Boston. As I fade in and out of late night delirium while trying to finish a Nobel Prize winning fiction trilogy Kristen Lavransdattar, happy montages of these delicious pecan treats […]

Cinnamon Waffles

Funny Story. So last night, I heard Seamus Heaney read his masterful poetry using gutteral irish and Scottish sounding words like glar and glit and dailygone. I caught the last train to Ipswich that was full of drunkards fresh from the Bruins victory. And then I was so distracted by them, I missed my stop. […]

Sourdough Parker House Rolls

In homage to the city to which I am travelling today, I give you rolls made famous by the Boston hotel that first served them in the late nineteenth century: the Parker House. As the story goes, an angry pastry chef was in a rush and threw his dinner roll dough into the oven. Literally, […]