Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

I’m not a vegan. But, almost like a sport, I enjoy finding vegan recipes that are delicious. The Edgy Veg by Candice Hutchings is a treasure trove of fabulous vegan hacks of more traditionally carnivorous dishes. I pry open every vegan cookbook with severe skepticism, because so many disappoint. The Edgy Veg does not disappoint. […]

Sportsing with Three Cheese Queso

There is more sportsing going on this weekend, I’m pretty sure. And then there is the Superbowl on the horizon. Perfect excuse to fine-tune your queso skills and score your own points with friends who will love you for the sake of cheese. And being together of course. But with cheese. I was challenged today […]

Mini Cheese Balls

I see that football is back on television. That is basically the only coherent sentence I can muster on this, the eve of my last day before a three day weekend. I see that football is back on television. I give you cheese balls. And a Happy Labor Day to all, and to all, a […]

Tillamook Ice Creamery in Tillamook, Oregon

My favorite cheese in the world is Tillamook. Better than anything I’ve tasted in Wisconsin. Today on the drive to Portland from the coast KP and I stopped at the Tillamook Ice Creamery, a field trip I haven’t done since I was a grade school student. This place is the best because of the free cheese […]