Pinto Bean Burgers and Culinary Fight Club at Central City BBQ

I am dazzled by the transformation of Central City over the last half decade. Tonight KP and I visited a new establishment, Central City BBQ. I am delighted by the artful and homegrown approach to urban bbq! Central City BBQ hosted the Culinary Fight Club competition tonight—the challenge: burgers with 25% mushroom blend—the competitors: Chef […]

Thiezac Rye Bread

Well, instead of dancing around a May pole, as of last night, we are wading through the snow drifts wailing Mayday Mayday! An unthinkable blizzard. Huge tree branches down in the front yard, powerlines, phonelines too. Get us out of here. Already 6 to 8 inches by 10am, and still snowing. Nothing like a piece […]