Buttery Butternut Squash Rolls and Wisconsin Chili

A thirty-something went dancing, and now she cannot bend either leg. I won’t say who. But I’m sure butter will help.   Buttery Butternut Squash Rolls and Wisconsin Chili Adapted from Food and Wine 1 1/4 cups whole milk 1/2 cup butternut squash puree 2 tablespoons sugar One cup of sourdough starter 1 large egg, […]

Chili with Beer Bread and the Rooting Reflex

One of my favorite parts of working in the newborn nursery is checking primitive reflexes. Rooting reflex is when the newborn turns his head toward your finger when you touch his cheek. Sucking reflex is when the newborn sucks on your finger when you touch the roof of his mouth. These are primitive reflexes which […]

Chili Con Carne

Until Tuesday, I had only made one chili recipe, that of my mother’s “Bean Soup” from the cookbook she authored, Five Sundays. It is a recipe that ends with the instruction to purchase and ingest Bean-o. It was good, and crockpotable, but this, oh, this. Must be the bacon. This chili, served with the focaccia […]

Northern Cornbread and Duel Results

The miracle has been made statistically significant! After a focus group analysis with n=17, the old zucchini bread beat Baking Illustrated’s bread 15:2! Go Kelly Almon, worker of culinary miracles! For our movie party Wednesday night, I served chili accompanied by cornbread. Apparently, there are two types—Northern and Southern. I decided to make the Northern […]