Sesame-Matcha Bark- Green Chocolate

I meant to get this one online before St. Patrick’s Day this year — Green Chocolate — but my mother came to town and I went on vacation and things fell into a new prioritization scheme as they should. Extremely strong green tea flavor, and, many friends who sampled this remarked, “very interesting.” Not sure […]

Chocolate Caramel Swiss Roll

Well, I’ve had my obligatory one month-ish break from sugar after the holidays and now here we are on the verge of Valentine’s Day, and I’m snuffle-hunting for chocolate recipes to stir up rohmahnce. May it take you to sunny heart-filled scapes deep within your nostalgia. Today, that place for me is the purple house […]

Sicilian Caponata to #StopDiabetes

Ok diabetes, allow me to blow your mind. Here is a recipe that is both Italian and rife with chocolate that is made especially for you. November is American Diabetes Month, and so I am celebrating with a series of cookbooks the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has published. But here’s my attitude, as a physician, […]

Corn Soup Vadouvan and Starting New

“Baby I know times are a changin! Time to reach out for something new, and that means you too!” -Prince (may he rest in peace), from “Purple Rain.” Which, I will be singing tonight at Café Istanbul with my new band of intrepid musician Tulane residents. We’ve had two rehearsals, we don’t really know what […]

Gluten-free Chocolate Orange Scones

We have a winner! Thanks again to Equal Exchange for sponsoring the chocolate giveaway hosted here on Bake This Day. We champion creativity on this blog, we like to do things a little differently— Izzy let us know she was mad the contest wasn’t open to dog entrants, so we let her choose the winner. […]