Coconut Curried Red Lentil Dip with a side of Meditation

We’ve been hunkered down here in back-to-school/back-to-medicine hustle and bustle. I’m experimenting with how to use meditation as a way to bottle and slow-release my own vacations and the accompanying good vibrations back into my life—a redistribution technique of joy. Here’s the current method: take a photo you took on your most recent vacation or […]

Grandmothers Beyond Borders Ugandan Curry

Whilst assembling the mouth-watering queue of fancy chocolate recipes for 2016, and, alongwith, a cadre of fantastic bean to bar supporters and sponsors (thank you in advance!), I am also still making non-chocolate food. The following is a recipe that had me intrigued at its title, “Grandmothers Beyond Borders”—who knew there was such an enterprise? […]

Curried Scallops

Could not have been more perfect timing to get sick with the flu. I had planned to feel sorry for myself all day anyway in using some of my vacation time to study for my boards, so it was a drop in the ocean to get a roaring case of influenza in the midst of […]

Curry Garlic Fries because I Love You

Had the pleasure of spending the morning with poet Jimmy Santiago Baca. His memoir,  A Place to Stand, is what I currently devour page by page when I get my nightstand appetite. This man learned to read and to write in prison, and over the years within those cells, he came to find writing as a way […]

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

This evening a curried carrot soup gave me déjà vu. I thought back to November when KP and I were piled high in snow and higher in carrots with our CSA looking to off-load root vegetables and cruciferous goods. This carrot soup is vividly emblazoned in my memory not because of how good it was, […]