Sesame-Matcha Bark- Green Chocolate

I meant to get this one online before St. Patrick’s Day this year — Green Chocolate — but my mother came to town and I went on vacation and things fell into a new prioritization scheme as they should. Extremely strong green tea flavor, and, many friends who sampled this remarked, “very interesting.” Not sure […]

Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies

The inception of the Year of Chocolate was the gift of the Theo Chocolate cookbook which inspires this week’s chocolate special: caffeinated dark chocolate cookies. Just the thing to keep my eyes open on the ICU night watch this week. Thank you for this cookbook, Marilyn! And the baking chocolate! #7 Gooey Double Chocolate Mocha […]

Dark Chocolate No Bake Cookies

Just returned from the yard where the chickens are gracing the grass with their morning constitution. Reminded me that I forgot to post these tasty little nuggets way back when I made them this spring. Not so photogenic, but good. Dark Chocolate No-Bakes, or as my Grandmother Used to Say, “Cat Yummies” Adapted from Penzeys […]