Gouda Friday Savory Pancakes

A delicious Good Friday morning. Squash blossoms yawning open with the sunrise. Hot coffee and fat buttermilk gouda pancakes with a side of crackling bacon. The nest thick three chickens deep; a solo clarinet issuing “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from a radio hitched to the coop (I believe the ladies are urged along […]

Salted Caramel Squares as a Soul Trampoline

And a happy weekend to all. Nothing like eating French toast for breakfast at near noon while watching Men’s Trampoline Olympic finals. I’m feeling a strong sense of recognition in regards to these men who leap and bound on a giant elastic sheet because this is my first day off in two weeks (with a […]

Avocado Hollandaise on Poached Eggs on Rye

Glorious, just glorious. This is what my honorary grandfather Stanley says of everything he eats. His voice rang through my brain this morning when finally I had a breath of fresh time to make my own breakfast, slow, and with luxury. I sat with a full French press of coffee next to me on the […]