Artos, Greek Easter Celebration Bread

We near the end of the symbol-rich Holy week, and the start of the Poetry Month, and so I offer the lyrics to an old hymn we sang several Lenten Sundays ago which makes bold the fascinating parallels and circularity to the symbols we celebrate at Easter. Ahem, not chocolate eggs. O wheat, whose crushing […]

Crescia al Formaggio and Molding

 Molding. Usually we use this word as a gerund for the verb most applicable to cheese and nearly all outdoor surfaces in the Pacific Northwest. This week I’ve been using it more architecturally, in a corporeal sense. “Crown molding” now has fresh significance as something we assess during every newborn physical exam. When we arrive into […]


Easter in Italy is a season of eggy, cheesy breads and rich meats. Perhaps it shall be here too, but first, we are in Lent, and at Calvary we celebrate the breaking of the bread with hard wheat wafers baked by church members. Today is my contribution Sunday. I was so tempted to sneak in […]