Have Your Sour Cream Vanilla and Blueberry Cake and Eat it for Easter

Hot off the press, Have Your Cake and Eat It: Nutritious, Delicious Recipes for Healthier Everyday Baking by Mich Turner, is a beautiful new baking book from Sterling Epicure that features the work of the celebrity baker who has fashioned delectable desserts for Downton Abbey and Buckingham Palace! I was so inspired, page after page of […]

Gouda Friday Savory Pancakes

A delicious Good Friday morning. Squash blossoms yawning open with the sunrise. Hot coffee and fat buttermilk gouda pancakes with a side of crackling bacon. The nest thick three chickens deep; a solo clarinet issuing “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from a radio hitched to the coop (I believe the ladies are urged along […]

Potato Waffles Up

Easter brunch has its staples. KP and I are accustomed to heading out to North Carolina to celebrate the culmination of Holy Week with our dear friends the Warrens, but this year, we are on the Left Coast to bid my parents a happy fortieth anniversary. Palm Sunday in New Orleans was a first for […]

Artos, Greek Easter Celebration Bread

We near the end of the symbol-rich Holy week, and the start of the Poetry Month, and so I offer the lyrics to an old hymn we sang several Lenten Sundays ago which makes bold the fascinating parallels and circularity to the symbols we celebrate at Easter. Ahem, not chocolate eggs. O wheat, whose crushing […]

Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Buns

Don’t worry, I have no such medical analogy or educational tidbit on febrile gluteal folds to share with this special Sourdough Surprises edition post on hot crossed buns, though, I was tempted. I am keeping my off-color humor in check as we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord, how’s that? In fact, the cross on […]