Tartine Potato Focaccia

The Roots are not only one of my favorite bands, they are the class of my favorite vegetables. Roots and Tubers (which would be the name of my chickens’ band if only I would let them into a recording studio) are the very last thing the Earth yields before turning to stone for a few […]

Focaccia as Motor End Plate

So surgery was a bit like going to a rave sober. It was hard not to feed off the high of the surgeons so in love with the OR and with operating. The climate buzzed ecstatic. I came out of the operating room each day singing and still throwing punches, bouncing on my toes, chanting […]

Genoan Focaccia

Barley Malt. I purchased this product without exactly knowing what it does on behalf of bread. It has shown up in several recipes I’ve tried, and is hell to get off the teaspoon. That was all I knew, but I did a little bit of reading and learned that there are vitamins and enzymes oftentimes […]


Mama mia!  Best woman in the world, that Andie Ellis. Thank you for never forcing me to eat foods I didn’t like when I was at your table. See, everything in its own time. Like a trip to Italy. Mom, make this bread, you’ll love it. Very similar to the focaccia bread of Genoa, except […]