Cherry Ricotta Jam Tart and Halloween 2015

And oh what a Happy Halloween it was. KP and I hosted our first party at the new soon to be Fuchsia and Lime, and we were met by an overwhelming in-pouring of loved ones and friends, new and old, silver and gold. The next morning, among the happy spoils of a good time: a […]

Buckwheat Bread with Lemon and Lime Trees

Slowly, slowly, the chaos around me is giving way to order. One broken box at a time, the familiar things are finding their way back onto shelves, into cupboards and upon new walls. Home feels just enough the same, just enough different. I had been focusing on the inside of the house, where it is […]

Happy Mardi Gras Red Beans and Rice

Happy Mardi Gras! Maybe next year I can convince Rochester to hold a second line parade on this important New Orleans feast day. Otherwise I gotta get me back to my Mondo Kayo. A wonderful friend sent me a post card with a quotation from Chris Rose on what Mardi Gras means… …”It is annual […]

Pane alle Olive

‘Twas the best post-thesis day I could have envisioned. Woke up at 10. Read a cookbook until noon. Had lunch with KP, who came home for a little extra face time. Then was swept off my feet to grocery-hunt with Janelle, and also to a BYOB pedicure salon where we were doted upon, massaged, scrubbed, […]

Spinach and Onion Quiche

What the heck is quiche? My number one question last night after I made three of these bad boys to serve as one of our dinner entrées for the Team Red Thursday meeting we hosted at Fuchsia and Lime. If I had just said Egg Bake it would have translated better into Midwesternese. Hey, I […]

Cream Biscuits

Okay, with these simple, speedy biscuits, you have got to Move. Move. Move. Put this song on while you work. Just like yesterday’s biscuits, you don’t want to touch these. Barely mix ‘em. Barely touch ‘em. It’s hot potato dough. Hot, er Cold Pota-dough. Cream Biscuits Servings: 8 large biscuits Note: Bake the biscuits immediately after cutting them […]