Blueberry Gingerbread for a Very Special Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas memories was in a New Orleans church service in 2007. The pastor proclaimed himself to be a “reformed musician” –having left the wild partying life, he still brought his saxophone into the pulpit to accompany the choir. That night it was an advent service and to kick off the hymn […]

Gingerbread for the First Sunday of Advent

A sign that I have been a student too long: after the Lessons and Carols advent service tonight at Calvary, a woman approaches me at the refreshments table where I have proudly placed a tray of gingerbread tree cookies, and asks, “Where did you get the recipe for these?” and I say without missing a […]


How very fortuitous that my solemn vows to not cook and to not blog are simultaneously undone in concert, here. New Years is necessarily about the rethinking of stubbornnesses. And so it has been, for me, a long, long rethinking over the holiday. Thanks to unshirkable obsessive compulsive tendencies, I have structured my bread-baking task list […]