Green Pasta

St Patrick’s Day is coming, so go find several pounds of spinach and dye your pasta green for the holidays! I received a pasta cutter Kitchen-aid attachment for Christmas this year, and the Pasta Bible inspire greatness. I had always wanted to make my own pasta but have been thwarted by the usual laziness. The […]

Tartine Baguettes

I have not been impressed with any green bread recipe I’ve ever tried. And Irish Soda Bread is, at best, a shot put. I did make some killer guac for the St. Patty’s Day party I attended over the weekend. This St Patrick’s Day, I’m simply celebrating nature’s early green curling onto the branches out […]

Slow-Cooked Salmon with Chickpeas and Greens

Like salmon, KP and I will be pushing home against the snow current sweeping across I-90, also against the current of ever-thicker probability that our Mazda at 221,000+ miles will cease to function for another 3,500 miles. Against the odds, it is instinct telling us that there is no place like home for Christmas. Looking […]

Classic Guacamole

Okay, not bread. But if chips are likened to bread, than guacamole is equivalent to butter. This may have been my first experience ever touching an avocado in any meaningful way. And by that I mean with the intention to eat—nothing romantic or otherwise. I made some conjectures about avocado skin color and quality of […]