Blitz Kuche, Lightning for a New Year

Happy New Year!!!! While the UN has announced this as the year of the Pulse (grain legumes), I unilaterally declare this to be the year of Chocolate. My New Years Resolution this year is to make one new chocolate dish per week. Why? Because I got a new cookbook from my mother in law featuring […]

Kentucky Hot Brown for the Holidays

Ha-llo from the other si—yide!!! Hooray, it’s the holidays for me now! Just finished my ICU rotation and slept for 12-14 hours (not including the 5 hour post-call nap I took on our friends’ couch during their Star Wars movie marathon party). Still puffy around the eyeballs, but my neurons seem to be all tweeting […]

Pearled Barley Porridge with Prosciutto and Eggs

This was my first time poaching an egg. Turns out I love it this style. Especially on this barley, totally unexpected, and such a wintry hearty dish. KP and I have been having the best Advent season, despite my working unprecedented hours in the new hospital ICU. Before the craziness started at the beginning of […]

Good Morning Brunch Cake

Here I go into the Season of Night—ICU Night Float, a dreaded post for me, but to ensure I have something to look forward to in the bleary-eyed mornings when finally I am able to float home for a daytime’s rest, Christmas lights, loved ones and coffee cake. Buttery Brunch Cake Adapted from Penzeys Cake: […]

Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

We gathered around a table decorated by five-year-old Sasha Belle, who made sure we not only knew where we were meant to sit, but also, what she imagines our faces look like. Her proud parents Kim and Steve, her three year old sister Zella, and my fond old biology student David formed this year’s Thanksgiving […]

Italian Grinders with Garlic Aioli and Marathon 26

“Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders. Navy beans, navy beans, navy beans.” I have been singing the Lunch Lady Land song for years without ever having known a grinder. Well, I met one. Four, actually. On the way home from Iowa last April, KP and I stopped by People’s Co-op and asked for thin slices […]