Spiced Ricotta Pancakes with Just Spices

All is right with the world (in my little New Orleanian Mardi Gras bubble; note also that in the la la land of residency I really don’t have much time to belabor the weight of daily news). We have been trotting out to some of the early season parades, last night was Cleopatra, and we […]

Mini Chocolate Cream Meringue Tarts for Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras! A time when an entire city wanders amongst themselves seeming to hum “What a Wonderful World” in raucous harmony. We are so delighted to be back in New Orleans to enjoy firsthand the magical experience. Because we are Midcity-ites, we had a huge party to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Endymion. So […]

Black and White Moon Pie

For this week’s chocolate challenge, a genius hybrid. I’ve taken two classic confections, the Seinfeld race-relations Black and White Cookie, and the popular edible Mardi Gras parade throw, the Moon Pie, and created a delicious masterpiece just in time for the Oshun and Cleopatra parades last night. Ooh these are good! And yes, KP and […]

King Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling

The Mardi Gras season is here! For this week’s chocolate dish, I have elected to bake a king cake with chocolate filling, a traditional Mardi Gras dessert. For most of the rest of the country, the seasonal party-energy build up is around the Christmas and New Year holiday, but for New Orleans, Yuletide is but […]